2012 Poli-Sci Theses

The Effects of Political Institutions on Public Budgeting – Andrew Burnos

The Politics of H-1B Visa Limits – Fang Fang

A Congress of the Tea Party: Measuring the Effect of the Tea Party on Congressional Voting and Conservative Positions within the 112th Congress. – Joseph Henry

Is Facebook Changing the Face of Voting? How the Internet and Social Networking Sites Affected Youth Voting Behaviors in the 2008 Election. – Aleesha Larsen

A Comparative Analysis of the Transitional Effect of Democratic Regime Change on Human Rights Development – Alana McElhinney

The Regulation of Online Gaming Across Jurisdictions: Success, Standards and Stability. – Peter Nelson

The Effect of Tribal Governments on Reservation Poverty Rates – Heather Raisch

IMF: Predatory Lender or Latin America’s Best Chance? – Paul Smith

Unemployed Veterans During a Recession: Factors Affecting the Completion Rate of the Veterans Rehabilitation and Employment Program – Christopher Witt

HIV/AIDS in the Islamic Countries – Kaoru Yamaguchi